Friday, February 13, 2009

Who Are The Real Thieves?

Who do you think are the real thieves in this economy? The House of Representatives just passed the Stimulus bill following the Conference Committee settlement. The Senate is expected to pass the bill later today. If you are to believe John McCain, he thinks that Barack Obama is the real thief. Thank God you're not President, Mr McCain!

Today, John McCain offered this bit of wisdom when talking about the Stimulus package; "and is nothing short - nothing short - of generational theft." How to go John. You Republicans almost bankrupt the Country by fighting unnecessary war in Iraq, squandering a budget in surplus from the Clinton Administration, refusing to put safeguards to our economy in place and cutting taxes for all of your friends that own 7 houses. You see John, the real thieves have been members of the Republican Party. Through lies and incompetence you have all stolen from our generation.

It's the people my age, the baby boomers that have everything to loose. The rug has been pulled out from many of them. Barack Obama is trying to fix the problem. It was your problem and George Bush's problem. Republicans can't muster one vote in the House even after they watered down key provisions that may well be necessary for the correct stimulative effect? OK voters, remember that. Haven't you Republicans seen the writing on the wall during the last 2 elections?

What do you want to bet that the all white man's banking club that marched before Congress this week are all Republicans? Anyone willing to take that bet?

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  1. Come on folks, give me one person who thinks a single banking executive that appeared before Congress this week was something other than Republican!!! Come on !!!