Monday, February 23, 2009

Hats Off to Charlie Crist!

Charlie Crist, Republican Governor of Florida was very impressive on yesterday's, "Meet the Press". Some of his words are worth repeating:

  • "We are in a crisis".
  • "Barack Obama is trying to do the right thing".
  • "None of us has a crystal ball".
  • "It's a matter of helping people".
  • "It works well, helps people, it does what's right". (Regarding the Stimulus Bill)
  • "One-third of the Stimulus is tax cuts"
More impressively, Crist talked about traveling around Florida visiting unemployment offices. He went on to state: "I've stared in people's faces". I wonder how many of his Republican colleagues could say the same thing or Democrats for that matter.

Charlie Crist; you care, and I salute you. If all Republicans as well as Democrats behaved as you have, this Country would be a lot closer to solving the problems before us. Your leadership at this time will be remembered by all voters. Thank you.

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