Friday, February 27, 2009

Radio Talk in America Hits a New Low

I happened to be listening to radio talk (WPRO, Providence, RI) today and had to stomach outrage towards Obama because he had the nerve to travel to Camp David once and back to Chicago once. What a truly disgusting display of ignorance. Good ole Buddy didn't help any as he continued to agree with the rant of his callers. Seems like Republican folks were mad they had to pay for all of this.

OK, Obama and his family did spend a weekend at Camp David and the long holiday weekend in Illinois. Did you see the Obama speech honoring Abraham Lincoln when he was home in Illinois? It had to be one of the greatest speeches in modern political history. He did travel to the land of Lincoln to celebrate Lincoln's 200th birthday. He had to be back in Washington though; the girls could not miss school. (Sarah Palin pulled her kids out of school for 5 months and dragged them across the country during the election. She should have been charged; isn't this against the law in Alaska?)

Now let's just look at the Bush record: As of August 2003 (2 years and 8 months into his 8 year Presidency), Bush had spent 166 days on vacation in Crawford, Texas. Between the family estate in Kennebunkport, Maine and Camp David, Bush had taken off 250 days as of August 2003 ( That's a grand total of 27% of his time on vacation in his first few years. Bill Clinton spent 152 days on vacation during his entire eight year Presidency.

Remember when Bush spent 5 weeks on vacation ignoring the Nation's business just before 911? How could we forget the dedication when he was on vacation during Hurricane Katrina and stayed right where he was as people struggled for their lives?

I try to be patient with people, especially when politics is involved; but sometimes you can't. You people on the radio today are just being foolish; and your opinion is based on an unbalanced hatred of Democrats or Blacks or both. How do you sleep at night?

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  1. I totally agree--there is still a mentality to give the Republicans a pass for some reason--I don't understand it at all!