Sunday, February 8, 2009

Republicans Still Don't Get It

On today's "Meet The Press" I had to listen to Republican Senator John Ensign from Nevada whine about the stimulus package before the Senate. What really gets to me is when Republicans throw out information that purports to be fact, when actually, they are being dishonest. I guess you could say they are lying to the American people. Ensign said today: "Economists are saying this stimulus plan is a disaster" Now I don't doubt that Senator Ensign found an economist to say something close to this. Let's look at the broader facts.

In Today's Washington Post, this is what was said in this regard: " overwhelming number from both parties are saying that a government stimulus package -- even a flawed one -- is urgently needed to help prevent a steeper slide in the economy." They are talking about economists here. The article went on to say: "Many economists say the precise size and shape of the package developing in Congress matter less than the timing, and that any delay is damaging".

In fact, of the few economists that opposed the stimulus, some of them are changing their position because the Federal Reserve Board has no more room to drop interest rates. Also reported in the article was a statement that alluded to the Senate changes: "Most economists agree that the Senate alterations in the plan would undermine stimulus aims". The change that I am most concerned about is the removal of a significant portion of stimulus aid to the states.

During this crisis, the country has lost 3.5 million jobs to date with half of that occurring in the past 3 months. January saw a decline of 600,000 jobs. That's 20,000 jobs lost each day. What the hell are the Republicans thinking? It would be quite the spectacle to see a Republican filibuster. As they blabber away, each hour almost 1000 jobs would be lost. Maybe its time to watch them blabber? If I did not care so much for the people affected, I would say blab on.

It will be interesting to watch this play out as the Republicans are removing aid to their own states. I hope they are walking into a disaster. It would be a disaster of their own making. How can they deny the needs of their own states? Voters take note! Nineteen Republican governors were calling for this much needed aid while their Senators play politics as usual. They are denying their own Republican governors? There is only one word to sum up most Republican legislators at this point in time: disgusting.

Unfortunately, the Senate changes probably won't mean much in Rhode Island as we have a governor that does not believe in putting anyone to work. He would take the stimulus money and find a way to give it all away. What do you want to bet that we will be bailing our Twin Rivers. Rhode Island has to be the only state that has backed a casino. Carcieri's policies have lead to the worst decline in employment this state has seen in decades. He talks a good game of putting the private sector to work, but he has been a dismal failure in this regard. He certainly won't go out an hire public employees because his vision is to dismantle public service. I take that back, he may give his favorite cronies a state job at $150k per year, but nothing for the rank and file. You know, the real people that get things done. Walk on Steve Cass!!

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