Saturday, May 21, 2011

A cool President Obama just minutes before decision to take down Bin Laden

Well: You need to see President Obama's comments at the Correspondents dinner in Washington DC. He not only takes down Bin Laden, he really takes down Donald Trump without firing a shot if you know what I mean. How Obama could multi-task at this crucial moment in American history is simply worthy of praise. How could anybody not think Obama is up to the job of leading this country? If you did not respect Obama, you damn well should respect him now. Please check out Obama's comments (click here)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where the hell have I been during the take down of Bin Laden?

Sorry to be missing in action again, but this time I was really missing in action. I severely hurt my back 4 weeks ago, washing a kitchen floor - believe it or not! The back pain has been so bad that I can't really spend any time at the computer. I will be having surgery in less than 2 weeks so I hope to be able to regain my full use of my back and legs.

The raid on the Bin Laden compound was absolutely one of the finest political acts of our time. Barack Obama can easily be defined by one word; courage. Barack's entire team should be congratulated for their guts. I certainly never saw guts like that during the Bush administrations.

At any rate, you have to see the act by Seth Meyers at the President's correspondence dinner that was being held at nearly the same time as the raid on the Bin Laden compound. As I have said in this column before, the U.S. simply can not trust the Pakistani government. I am so happy that the administration is on the same page.

Good bye Bin Laden forever: Rot at the bottom of the ocean with all of your pornography!