Saturday, May 21, 2011

A cool President Obama just minutes before decision to take down Bin Laden

Well: You need to see President Obama's comments at the Correspondents dinner in Washington DC. He not only takes down Bin Laden, he really takes down Donald Trump without firing a shot if you know what I mean. How Obama could multi-task at this crucial moment in American history is simply worthy of praise. How could anybody not think Obama is up to the job of leading this country? If you did not respect Obama, you damn well should respect him now. Please check out Obama's comments (click here)



  1. Well, I read how Obama did in Trump and I heard it on TV too. Hmmm! A put down artist does not a leader make! How about this: Obama before congress asking for an increase in spending money spoke the truth when he said that money was not needed to buy stuff; instead, the stuff, he mentioned cars, had already been spent. Hmmm! Word Smithing does not a leader make! Question: what will Obama say to the Chinese who ask for money in exchange for their T Bill? They do own a substantial part of America's debt. Talk your way out of this one so bloggers will have something to write. It should make great blogging news. By the way, Bin Laden was on the run because of Bush, not Obama. Give credit to whom credit is due. Respect? Oh! I get it. Respect for putting this country into serious debt, serious unemployment, inability to manage the 8M illegal Mexicans here already taking jobs, for crashing our medical system by buying the last vote for 7 million (Thanks Nancy! Now, enjoy Air Force One transportation home weekly), (Now, you got me started), and, don't forget that Obama has no respect for our constitution that he swore to uphold when he made his glorious speeches that won his election! Did I mention gasoline prices Vs oil restrictions? Like my Mom always said, "Talk is cheap! But, leadership is for real men to do!"

  2. Boy Oh Boy - How soon some people forget. Whoever out there made the comment; good luck to you and I mean that. The truth be told; you have been listening to Glen Beck too much which means that you have no clue! I guess the wealthy people should start paying taxes like they did during the Clinton administration - hell - the Reagan administration - hell - the Eisenhower administration. If you are unaware of the tax rates for the wealthiest during these past administrations, you need an education. If Obama's plan was put in place, we would not have to worry about Chinese debt or a crumbling economy fathered by George Bush and nurtured by Republicans.

  3. And one more thing! George Bush was protecting the entire Bin Laden family after 9-11 as flights taking them out of the country were the only non-military flights allowed. This was far before any investigation as to their possible culpability. Bush was very friendly with the family. Then Bush totally blows Bin Laden's capture in the Bora Bora region of Afghanistan by not utilizing our troops. Bush then turned his attention to Iraq which was a total sham. Obama ran for President promising to wind down Iraq operations and beef up our efforts to seek terrorist enemies along the Afghan border with the intent to knock out Bin Laden. George Bush - 8 years - a total failure. Barack Obama - 2 years - incredible success. If you think George Bush was a good leader, I suggest you go read "My Pet Goat". Who could forget 7 minutes of leadership lost? Where in the world do you come from?