Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthers are absolute idiots!

Of all the political squabbles that surround us, the "birthers" movement is the saddest commentary on the United States of America. We all believe in free speech, but to continue to advance pure fiction in the name of truth is traitorous. That's right, all you birthers are traitors, idiots, imbeciles and morons. You don't have a point; you are just sick in the head and I'm getting tired of listening to your crap.

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii when it was a state. The newspaper announcement makes this issue perfectly clear as does his legitimate birth certificate. Even if Obama was born before Hawaii became a state; and this is not the case, Hawaii was a legitimate U.S. incorporated territory. Why is this so important? It is important because the Panama Canal Zone was only an unincorporated U.S. Territory until the "Torrijos-Carter Treaties of 1979".

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in (Downes v. Bidwell) in 1901 that unincorporated territories are not the United States. In 1905, in (Rasmussen v. United States) the courts ruled that the Constitution only applies to incorporated territories of the United States. Children born in the Panama Canal Zone were subject to the Naturalization Act of 1795, which granted statutory U.S. citizenship at birth. With the ruling of 1905 however, persons born in the Canal Zone only became U.S. nationals, not citizens.

Congress moved to correct the situation and passed a law in 1937 that grants citizenship to those individuals born in the Canal Zone after February 26, 1904 that had at least one U.S. citizen parent. I have found no reference as to whether or not the law passed in 1937 has ever been constitutionally challenged. Is John McCain a natural born citizen as our Constitution requires in order to hold the highest office in the land?

Why question Obama's credentials when McCain's are far more suspect? The only thing that truly bothers me in this discussion is that I remember the time when Senator Lowell Weicker of Connecticut was denied a chance to run for the Presidency because he was born in Paris, France. His parents, both U.S. citizens were living at the U.S. Embassy as his father was a U.S. diplomat. The mere location of Weicker's birth made him ineligible to run for President.

Well, I'm not tyring to make a case here because I don't want to be called a birther in my own right. Hell, then I would be the traitor, idiot, imbecile and moron. Personally, I feel that McCain had every right to be President and Lowell Weicker too. Weicker would have been a great President in my estimation. There can be no question about Obama's credentials for the job!

And to the "birthers" out there - get a life. That means you, Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obama's "stupid" comment - stupid?

I guess even a politician as smooth as Barack Obama can say something stupid every now and then. I cringed when I heard Obama make the "stupid" comment during his press conference and I was immediately concerned. I knew that he would spend days away from the debate on health care to mend a few fences.

To Obama's credit, he responded like a decent human being should. He admitted to adding to the problem, not resolving it. I can imagine how difficult it was for Officer Crowley to approach a situation where a break-in is reported. You know the adrenalin would really be pumping. It is very important for an officer to take immediate control of a situation such as this.

I understand the position of Louis Gates and his anger at being questioned on his own property. What Gates should have understood was that the police were there to protect his property. Gates should have cooled down to explain the situation and should not have been pumping up the adrenalin on a potentially volatile situation. I agree with officer Crowley that Gates was in total control of the possible outcome.

What remains unclear to me is why Gates was arrested, brought to police headquarters, fingerprinted and photographed. What was the initial charge? Breaking and entering? Into your own home? It seems to me that no matter how loud and obnoxious Gates became, he must of been telling officers that the home he was in was his. A simple question to a neighbor or a little more patience on the part of the police may have resolved the tension. Hauling Gates down town did have a certain level of stupidity in it. Gates screaming at the police had a greater level of stupidity, after all, those guys are carrying guns and I'm sure some officers had guns drawn. If they didn't, they should have.

So I think there is enough stupidity to go around; Obama was stupid, Officer Crowley was stupid and Gates was stupid. I hope they can all come together now and have a beer at the White House as has been reported.

What still perplexes me though is that the presumption is that this was a race related event. I don't think it had anything to do with race. Most of the officers on scene were black from the photographs that I saw that day. I would hope that the police would have responded in a similar fashion if this incident involved a white person. Officer Crowley has an excellent record and personally has been concerned about racial profiling. Officer Crowley gets a bum rap in this regard.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama's call to support health care

I'm back and again I must apologize to readers as I have been totally consumed with visiting relatives that I have not seen in a long time. The beat goes on in my absence however, as Republicans keep finding new ways to astonish all.

Take for example, Michael Steele being asked a simple question; what company is your health care provider? That's right, the Republican Party Chairman does not know his health care provider. Now there is stupid and imbecilic. Michael Steele is definitely the latter. This is probably far worse than John McCain not knowing how many houses he owns. And these folks want to tell Americans what is best for their health care needs? How about that Sarah Palin, quitting her Governor's job (first term half way through) and thinking that she can remain a force in politics?

President Barack Obama has called upon progressive bloggers to jump out and support his health care plan. This is exactly what I intend to do. Obama was solidly elected on a platform of providing health care opportunity for all Americans and legislators that stand in the way need to watch out for the train that it going to hit them right between the eyes. The United States does not have the best health care in the world. Health care is a right - it's part of that silly "pursuit of happiness" thing.

One thing is for sure, the health care plan when passed will not be perfect. There will be a lot for people to debate and complain about. Obama is absolutely right however, let's get started and find answers along the way.

"Thank God I voted for Obama"; sounds like a good bumper sticker to me!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brilliance vs Absolute Ignorance!

Before I speak to the topic at hand, I want to inform readers that it has been a busy time for me and will remain so for a week or two. Visiting relatives that I love dearly have been spending time here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Consequently, I have been preoccupied taking care of family matters.

Brilliance vs absolute ignorance can serve as a characterization between Democrat and Republican. What the hell do I mean by that? Brilliance is really a characterization of the performance of Senator Al Frankin from Minnesota during today's confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee, Sonya Sotomayor. If you did not see his performance, watch today's news. Absolute ignorance is a perfect characterization of Senators Sam Brownback, Lindsey Graham, Mary Landrew and 20 co-sponsors of legislation to prohibit the mixing of species (part human-part animal).

Can all intelligent people grasp what I have just said? It is true; we have U.S. senators wasting their time and our time on writing legislation for something that is biologically impossible. Did these idiots ever hear of chromosomes? I would vote for my dog before I would vote for any of these idiots!

Al Frankin; in contrast, was absolutely brilliant. One of his expressed concerns was the power of corporations to limit free speech on the Internet (or"Internets" as George W. Bush would put it). It seems like limited access to service providers that have a certain political view is causing problems in this country. I think he knows his stuff as he is referring to Republican media control here. I'm sure this includes Republican radio.

How about those ignorant Republicans that need a little more than "reading, writing and arithmetic"? Mary Landrew; the sole Democrat - go back to school!

As for Sam Brownback and his colleagues; you people are the definition of stupid!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Jackson - Palin Sagas

I hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend. I did a little kayaking and had a great time. News of course stops for no one and boy did this weekend bring some news.

Which saga do you think is more worthy of all of the media attention? I happen to believe that both episodes are getting too much attention. The Sarah Palin story is probably the more important one when you think in terms of how political decisions affect everyone. Michael Jackson affected a lot of people but in a different way.

Sarah Palin is nothing but a joke at this point; and I must say, a bad joke at that. She is a quitter and never deserved election by the people in Alaska. She has been one steady irritant to Democrats and Republicans alike. Palin continues to make all of the wrong decisions; that's why she has so many Republicans in Alaska and elsewhere mad at her. Ethics charges continue to follow her and she says that she just could not take it any more. Ethics problems plagued her because she is not an ethical person. Thank God she came nowhere near the Presidency.

If Palin believes that she has the ability to lead this country, she is sicker than I thought. If you can't do the job in Alaska, you will never be able to lift your head again. I'll say it now, anybody that votes for Palin in a Republican primary is an idiot. Anyone that votes for Palin for any position is an idiot.

In "Random Reasoning's X", April 19, is the result of a poll conducted by this blog about Sarah Palin's future. At that time, 64% of respondents said that she would be a news commentator on Fox News. To the 13 % that said she would still be Governor - You're wrong! She will become a commentator on Fox News because she wants her face plastered over the air waves. Her reasoning is plain, pure and simple. She knows that she can get more attention on Fox News than running the state of Alaska. She's crazy alright; crazy like a fox. If she can get more attention, she figures to be a more serious contender for the 2012 nomination. Why I may ask could anyone give her this opportunity when she can't put two sentences or thoughts together? We know that her ego is too big to be satisfied with fishing for Salmon. She will be a commentator on Fox News and she will run in 2012. Will Republican voters do the right thing or decide to join the idiot parade?

As for Michael Jackson, I will never judge him; it's simply not my place. To those that choose to judge; you can't know the whole truth. While he entertained many of us, he is most probably responsible for his condition that cost him his life. Like any other person in this country, give him a respectable send-off and get over it. The media is simply out of control here.