Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Few Thoughts to Ponder!

Where the hell is T Boone Pickens when you need him?

Those readers outside of Rhode Island are probably not aware of the antics of the RI Commissioner of Education, Deborah Gist, even though she was named by Time Magazine as one of the top 100 influential people. She supported the firing of the staff of Central Falls High School because of poor classroom performance. She needed to make a name for herself so why not cause a national incident? Obama should be ashamed of himself for supporting the decision. It's not that change is required, its just that a Central Falls diploma is now downgraded by every college in this nation because of the negative publicity. Talk about a disservice to the students!!! Well, our little Republican Commissioner is smiling broadly at her new found fame and saw that it was necessary to pay a speech writer $10,000 to prepare her 15 minute speech to the RI legislature. Now that's Republican thinking. Please; anyone that is listening, I will write your speech for $5000!!!

The problem with the military's position on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is that it really eliminates the possibility of future drafts during national emergencies. Anyone could easily avoid the draft by simply saying; "I'm Gay"!!!

They have finally done it in Rhode Island! Our Governor Donald Carcieri has been trying for 8 years to lower or eliminate taxes for the wealthiest citizens. The top taxation rate has been reduced from around 9% down to around 5%. What this means is that all of the middle class citizens in this state will be paying the bills for years to come while the millionaires reduce their taxes by thousands each year. Further, Carcieri's reductions in community support will cause the middle class to pay higher property taxes. I'm smart enough to see the stupidity. Unfortunately, all of the radio talking heads and a lot of the middle class are just too dumb to understand. When their taxes skyrocket, they will blame Obama. Of course the RI Democrats played right along so I have to lay the blame squarely in their lap. The Democrats had the numbers to say "no"!! The Democrats are just greedy little fools; those in power are very well off!

For all of you Republican libertarians out there that hate big government; did you see Orin Hatch's latest proposal? Mr Republican wants to keep government off of your back so now if you are unemployed, he wants to drug test you. Now that's what I call "freedom and liberty"!!! How about "justice for all"!!!!!!

I enjoyed the Democratic reception a few weeks ago here in RI for Governor Tim Kaine from Virginia who is the national Democratic Party Chair. He does know a little about forestry as I spoke to him about forestry in his state.

I helped Linc Chafee move his office from Pawtucket to Warwick a week ago Friday. I had a great time and I like the way he goes about getting a job done. Deborah Gist would have put out a contract and paid $50,000 for the move.

Don't forget; I'll write your speech for you - $5000 for 15 minutes if you are a Democrat - $10,000 if you are a Republican. Come on Republicans, you will really enjoy my speech

Keep smiling if you think the Republicans are on your side.