Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Donald Carcieri and his Tax on us all!!!!!

Sitting on the deck of a popular East Greenwich restaurant with East Greenwich Bay in the background, I look out over a "sea" of recreational boats. The toys of the rich. Our proud Governor smiles at the thought that these great folks deserve no taxes, sales tax or excise tax, on these "very necessary" cornerstones of our society. I don't fault the wealthy for playing in Narragansett Bay, if I had the money, I would proudly own one of those 42 footers. Why in the world should taxes be excused on these toys when the middle class citizens in this state have to pay all applicable taxes on their camping vehicles. Is not camping a viable component of our economy?

I'm sick and tired of the Republican mantra - "fight for the rich". The rich are not paying their fair share in this country and I can't point to one f____g job created in this state with that strategy. Somebody please explain to me why the Rhode Island budget grew 9% last year ($7 billion to $7.8 billion) at a time when our state is bleeding? Please explain to me how this can be when the state has eliminated 3000 workers, slashed pensions, and furloughed remaining state workers? Please explain to me why aid to cities and towns have been cut by millions of dollars when the budget for the state has grown by 9%? Please explain to me why the wealthiest among us are seeing their taxes slashed yet again; when the last time Carcieri did it, our unemployment rate continued to spiral out of control? Please explain to me why anyone buys the argument that the only way to job growth is to cut taxes on the wealthy? Somebody please explain to me why Donald Carcieri is still governor? Also, somebody explain to me why the conservative "nut job" radio commentators support this idiot and his idiotic financial policies?

Most of all; somebody explain to me why middle class, well meaning citizens don't get it? Why are so many supportive of such destructive fiscal policy? Can't the middle class draw the obvious conclusion when they see their vehicle excise taxes skyrocket across the state?

Four more months of this tragedy of leadership in our state; and as he's going out the door, he's giving away another sweet heart deal to a political pal, Curt Schilling. That's a $75 million dollar sweet heart deal that won't change a thing.

I have answers to all of the questions I posed; however, I think asking the questions is more important. If people of Rhode Island want some thought put into how this government is run, they need to vote for a person who thinks with his brain and not his bank account! Linc Chafee is the candidate of choice from my perspective. He has not been afraid to call outrageous public policy, "outrageous". Donald Carcieri and the Republican philosophy in this nation is outrageous.

I think it is finally time for the "Big Audit"! Rhode Islanders will know what I'm talking about.