Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Jackson - Palin Sagas

I hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend. I did a little kayaking and had a great time. News of course stops for no one and boy did this weekend bring some news.

Which saga do you think is more worthy of all of the media attention? I happen to believe that both episodes are getting too much attention. The Sarah Palin story is probably the more important one when you think in terms of how political decisions affect everyone. Michael Jackson affected a lot of people but in a different way.

Sarah Palin is nothing but a joke at this point; and I must say, a bad joke at that. She is a quitter and never deserved election by the people in Alaska. She has been one steady irritant to Democrats and Republicans alike. Palin continues to make all of the wrong decisions; that's why she has so many Republicans in Alaska and elsewhere mad at her. Ethics charges continue to follow her and she says that she just could not take it any more. Ethics problems plagued her because she is not an ethical person. Thank God she came nowhere near the Presidency.

If Palin believes that she has the ability to lead this country, she is sicker than I thought. If you can't do the job in Alaska, you will never be able to lift your head again. I'll say it now, anybody that votes for Palin in a Republican primary is an idiot. Anyone that votes for Palin for any position is an idiot.

In "Random Reasoning's X", April 19, is the result of a poll conducted by this blog about Sarah Palin's future. At that time, 64% of respondents said that she would be a news commentator on Fox News. To the 13 % that said she would still be Governor - You're wrong! She will become a commentator on Fox News because she wants her face plastered over the air waves. Her reasoning is plain, pure and simple. She knows that she can get more attention on Fox News than running the state of Alaska. She's crazy alright; crazy like a fox. If she can get more attention, she figures to be a more serious contender for the 2012 nomination. Why I may ask could anyone give her this opportunity when she can't put two sentences or thoughts together? We know that her ego is too big to be satisfied with fishing for Salmon. She will be a commentator on Fox News and she will run in 2012. Will Republican voters do the right thing or decide to join the idiot parade?

As for Michael Jackson, I will never judge him; it's simply not my place. To those that choose to judge; you can't know the whole truth. While he entertained many of us, he is most probably responsible for his condition that cost him his life. Like any other person in this country, give him a respectable send-off and get over it. The media is simply out of control here.


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