Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Republicans Lost on "Lost" ?

I really dislike the show "Lost", but I think the writers should amend their script and listen to Michael Steele. Today I was searching for information about the President's Stimulus package regarding allocation of "indirect costs". Anyone that has dealt with Federal grants knows what I'm talking about. I believe that indirect costs need to be capped at 10% or eliminated entirely so that all the money finds its way to the street, or at least 90% of the money. I'm not going to read the whole plan, but it seems like there is only an effort to identify unusual or exorbitant indirect cost. This is not enough control if true, and I am disappointed in the Administration, if this is the case.

While researching the issue, I came up with this gem in my search. David Weigel reported in "The Washington Independent" on January 31, 2009, comments made by the new chair of the Republican Party, Michael Steele, during a pep talk to Congressional Republicans at a weekend retreat. As reported, Steele started with the following: "Let me start by saying, the goose egg you laid on the President's desk was just beautiful." He went on to state the following: "You and I know that in the history of mankind and womankind, government - Federal, State or Local - has never created one job". He continued to say: "It's destroyed a lot of them".

Wow!! Have Republicans jumped off the cliff or what? Is there anyone in America that knows what he's talking about. Where is the courage in the Republican ranks? A tough road lies ahead for the Grand Old Party and what an absolute disgrace to this country. Thank God they are not in a leadership position at this time.

It's like trying to explain the polar bear on the tropical island. Yes, the Republicans are lost and their only hope is to find their way back home. The road before them is as complicated as the road before the writers of the TV show.

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  1. Any fan of the wonderful (1 of top 2 shows on tv) "Lost" would be INSULTED by this comparison! The writers on "Lost" are explaining why unusual things have been and are occuring on the Island and elsewhere. There turns out to be basis in science or logic or something! When are the Republican's going to explain their strange and incomprehensible statements,actions, and ideas?

  2. Even the polar bear was explained!

  3. Is this why the latest Newsweek Magazine says this about lost: "Addictively complicated thriller ODs by adding time-travel wrinkle. Now we're really lost." Thumbs down.