Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Changes to "Governing Against The Tide"

Learning to blog is actually a lot of fun. While there is a lot to talk about today with President Obama's speech last night, I focused my energies on making improvements to this site. Besides the weekly poll that I will be conducting, today's additions include the following:

  • Quotation of the Day (Left column): A random quotation that will change each day with a link to the famous person.
  • This Day in History (Left column): A daily selection of events that occurred on the current day.
  • News Map (Bottom of page): This is a great feature that allows you to click anywhere in the world and connect to the daily newspaper from the closest major city.
  • Watch TV Shows Directly (Bottom of page): Just click on the available link and you are there.
  • Cheeky Quote (Left column): a collection of quotations that change every half hour.
These are enough changes for today. I'll continue to research improvements. Obama was great last night in his first speech before the full Congress.

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