Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Governing Against The Tide

As I begin my new venture into blogging, I have chosen the theme "governing against the tide". What in the world does this mean? I have been totally frustrated with popular belief that public employees are to blame for the economic woes of today (2009). Ronald Reagan said that government was "the problem". I could never understand this philosophy that demonizes government. It is my belief that Reagan, who started the great march towards the privatization of government services is responsible for our current economic decline. It is my intention to post my thoughts on the problems of government based upon my long career inside of government. What I see as problems in government have few connections with popular opinion that we hear continuously on conservative radio talk shows. We need to think differently; and this is what this blog is all about. I hope to make the case, using facts, that will hopefully add a new dimension to popular misconceptions about government.

I want to make one more statement before I begin my blogging career. I choose the title of this blog based upon the title of the book written by Lincoln Chafee, the former Republican senator from Rhode Island who courageously left the Republican party and endorsed Barack Obama for President. I highly recommend reading his book, "Against the Tide", as he has a lot to say about governing.

Blog on.


  1. In the Feb. 7th posting you say that Aldo Leopold was the first director of the Forest Products Laboratory. In fact, Aldo Leopold was an assistant director at the Forest Products Lab in 1927. The FPL was founded in 1910 and the first director was McGarvey Cline. Aldo Leopold was assistant director under Carlile Winslow, the 3rd director of the Forest Products Laboratory.

  2. Julie: You are right. I will amend my post. I cross checked the information and you have it right. I do know that the Forest Service Research role was authorized in 1928. I guess they were ahead of the curve here. I must say the 1910 date is amazing, given that the Forest Service was only 5 years old at that time. Thanks again.

  3. Julie: Thank you so much, I amended the post. Actually the 1928 act strengthened the Forest Service role in research, so authorization is the wrong word. Thank you so much