Saturday, February 7, 2009

Neo-Conservatives Need an Education

Yesterday on MSNBC I heard Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn state the following in relation to the President's stimulus package: "A government job does not create economic wealth" Senator Coburn, you are either lying, mentally challenged, or just plain at the bottom of your class. Government has provided countless stepping stones for building personal wealth through the hard work of public employees.

Have you ever heard of NASA? Government scientists have not only provided products to the business world, they have continually fostered innovation in the private sector to meet their needs to continue our presence in space. Think about that the next time you use your microwave, computer, or blackberry. Senator Coburn, have you ever heard of the Internet, or as George Bush would put it "the Internets" (funny thing here, my spell check has red underlined Internets). Well, besides our safety and freedom, the Internet is the greatest gift to the American people and the world from our military. Yes, that's right, public employees at work creating the greatest engine of wealth in the history of mankind. Maybe you need to rethink this!

I'll go back a little further in time and talk about something that I am familiar with. Ever hear of the McSweeney-McNary Act of 1928. Go look it up. This act increased the Forest Service role in research. The U.S. Forest Products laboratory, built at an earlier time (1910) in Madison, Wisconsin, became the centerpiece of wood products research for this country. You should visit there someday. Ever hear of plywood, particle board, laminated beams, pressure treated lumber and on and on and on? That's right, public employees providing innovation to the private sector, thereby, generating wealth.

I'm confident that the state of Rhode Island is a slightly better place because of some of the work I did as a public employee. A number of non-profits now reside in the state through the work of state foresters in the region. Landowner taxes on forest lands have been brought into line, providing the opportunity for individuals to continue to own their land. Land trusts are now found in every community with the help in some instances of public employees. The logging community has been able to function through efforts to build Best Management Practices, and arborists have been trained and licensed. Senator Coburn, you are just wrong!

While I'm at it, I have one more bone to pick with Neo-cons. Senator John Thune from South Dakota really got on my nerves yesterday when he appeared on MSNBC. Would you all stop saying the "Democrat Party" Yes there are democrats, but when you refer to the party, it's the "Democratic Party". I tell this to all of my friends that are members of the "Republic Party".

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  1. Right on. I don't think neo-cons and some "Republics" live in the real world. Don't they care about the average person? Also, how can putting money into people's pockets and into the economy not help stimulate buying and spending?