Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Reasoning's ll

An occasional column of random thoughts and observations:

  1. In "Governing Against The Tide's" original poll conducted last week, 77% of respondents said they strongly supported the Obama Stimulus Bill.
  2. One estimate on the loss of wealth in our economy was put at $15 trillion. This includes loss of equity in property as well as other direct losses. That number represents $50,000 for every person in America.
  3. Most Americans believe in God. Most Americans believe in the 10 Commandments. Most Americans believe in capital punishment. Thou shall not kill? Most Americans must be confused.
  4. Slumdog Millionaire better win tonight.
  5. Each year the flu shot changes because the flu virus evolves.
  6. Did you see the movie Doubt? In the final scene the Mother Superior doubts her faith, not the guilt or innocence of the priest. That's the way I saw it.
  7. If genetics determines whether we are liberal or conservative (See the post of February 10), is genetics responsible for whether we are Red Sox fans or Yankee fans?
  8. Happy Birthday Charles Darwin! We continue to evolve. The Church does not.
  9. Did you see that Mitt Romney is selling 3 of his homes? I guess he wants fewer than 7 when he runs for President in 2012.
  10. Remember when radio and television stations were required to present opposing views? Whatever happened to that? I can still see Archie Bunker voicing his opinion. The FCC needs to look at this again.
  11. Why is Bernie Madoff not in jail?
  12. Any church, whose leaders express a preference for a political candidate, even if that expression is in a subtle form of coercion, should be taxed!
  13. Is Ken Lay (Enron scandal and friend of the George Bush Sr.) still alive?
  14. Light years measure distance, not time!
  15. A teacher in Minnesota has found a new way to teach. They have installed new work stations for students that allow a student to stand during class as well as be seated. She reasoned that if students were given the opportunity to move around more, they would stay focused and they would also burn more calories. That teacher is absolutely brilliant. Why didn't I think of that?


  1. Ya: I predicted that he would die of a heart attack and be cremated the next day. All of this would happen just before he would have to report to prison. That's exactly what happened. I know, I'm a conspiracy theorist. I'm not the only one who posed the same question. He had enough money to disappear. I'm just repeating the question.