Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wisdom from the Woods III

Wisdom from the Woods is an occasional column that outlines complex issues.

Welcome to spring. This picture was taken the day before the vernal equinox. Yesterday's sunrise was shrouded in clouds. I can only imagine what was going on at this ledge 500 years ago.

Before I get to today's comment, I want to just call to every one's attention some of the links on the left side of the blog. I've added a number of links that I think are worthwhile checking out. The Sarah Palin, Katie Couric interview is well worth the half hour it takes to watch. I know a lot of people probably saw the Tina Fey version, but the original is just as funny or sad or scary or troubling or all these things rolled into one.

Additionally, the link to the "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" masterpiece, "Kingdom Come" is available to view. The song is a gut wrenching story of the aftermath of 911; so be prepared, most people cry when they hear it for the first time. Notice the Republican in the audience that refuses to clap at the end. What the hell was up with that guy? The Sarah Palin turkey pardon was added when a friend requested it. The Barack Obama speech on Lincoln's birthday is quite historic and worth watching. Keith Olbermann's special comment on divisive politics being anti-American is worth the time. Finally, the Bill Maher video just reinforces a lot of points I make in this blog.

On the ledge today, I just happened to be thinking about where this country would be if John McCain had been elected. I don't think that Sarah Palin would be the greatest concern. I know, that's hard to accept, but she would only become the greatest concern if McCain became ill. The greatest fear that I have would be the access to the President of Phil Gramm, former Republican Senator from Texas. Phil Gramm's legacy may very well approach the infamy of Herbert Hoover's. I don't think I could point to another person still living that has done more to screw up this nation and hurt so many people along the way.

Phil Gramm was a top economic advisor to John McCain and would have played a huge role in a McCain presidency. That man would most likely be Treasury Secretary today. Talk about economic meltdown. Remember what Gramm was saying during the election? How about this quote; "You've heard about mental depression, this is a mental recession"? Who could forget this classic; "We sort of become a nation of whiners. You just hear this constant whining, complaining about a loss of competitiveness, America in decline?" What the hell would have become of the country if this troll was calling the shots?

Phil Gramm led the charge for deregulating Wall Street. Mother Jones magazine refers to him as "Foreclosure Phil". Bank deregulation is front and center in today's financial meltdown and Gramm was holding all of the best seats. I suppose to be fair, Washington is not one person, but Gramm has to be first in line. Let's not forget that it's a family affair with this troubling personality. Gramm's wife, Wendy Gramm was front and center for the fall of Enron and the Gramm's both profited mightily from the Enron disaster. Wendy sat on the Board of Directors for Enron and served as the board's treasurer. She was a great deregulator in her own right. Heck, Enron was just an exhibition game for Phil Gramm. He was getting ready for the really big meltdown. When it came, he couldn't see it. He could never see beyond ideology which is his greatest fault.

Just a scary thought from the ledge today. Thank God the American people are smart enough to turn this nation in a new direction. I hope that Phil Gramm will now fade into the sagebrush of Texas. I don't think he could do much harm there.



  1. Yo Tom, just M.H. here........excuse my "whining"! First thing that come to mind are,
    I forget if McCain's wife has the first name of Cindy, but isn't her claim to fame, (if not her wealth), her millions through a beer(alcohol) distributorship? The one "drug" most responsible for the destruction of our society? Again society would call it "clean" money, but add up all car fatalities, problems within a family due to "beer", societies cost in medical problems, increase in insurance rates, ect........ I'd call it dirty money.
    Add to the equation that our country "loves" to sell cigarettes(purely for taxes), which I don't believe "Cindy" has anything to do with(but who knows), and you end up with a country that could not function without the revenues brought in by the two "legal" products that kill more people than anything else(I believe????).
    Gotta go. Say hi to Sandy!!!!!!!

  2. I agree with this completely. Phil Gramm should never have been advising McCain.

  3. M.H.: You make some good points but don't forget who the first "pusher" was. What was the first miracle of Christ? Water to wine. I'm not sure that these things should be used as an excuse. They can be an impediment to a happy life if they can't be managed. The trick is to not let beer, wine or cigarettes lead your life. Unfortunately, because of genetic factors, some have a harder time than others.

  4. Harry: When you read this post check out the angle of the sun and the layer of quartz running through the ledge. I think that is significant, especially since that layer of quartz has been mined.

  5. Interesting! Perhaps the natural pointer to the vernal equinox is what attracted native Americans to your ledge.

    I suggest you go to Home Depot, by a laser beam and some string.
    Map the line of quartz to the ridge and mark the spot.
    From there you can see how close it really is.

    If your correct, as a responsible land owner, perhaps you should enact a new rule.

    No more peeing on the Ledge!

  6. OK; no more peeing but drinking is still OK!!