Saturday, March 7, 2009

Random Reasoning's IV

An occasional column of random thoughts and observations.
  1. This week's poll results: The economy will turn around by the end of; 2009 - 9%, 2010 - 64%, 2011 - 27%, It may take 10 years - 0%.
  2. Did you see the report this week that shows 1 in 31 Americans are currently somewhere in the correction system. Georgia was on top of the list with 1 in 13 and New Hampshire was at the bottom with 1 in 88 (
  3. Get well Barbara Bush.
  4. Speaking of Barbara; where the hell were all the Bush kids when their mother was undergoing life threatening surgery? I don't care what she told them, those kids needed to be there to support their Dad.
  5. Thank you Rachael Madow for drawing the line from the peanut poisonings directly to Ronald Reagan's privatization universe. Did you hear? A private company was hired to do the FDA inspections because private companies can do it better? When I was a kid and the government did its job, I don't remember any peanut poisonings.
  6. Did you see that another report has found it to be far cheaper to keep murderers in prison for life than to execute them? The real problem is murderers getting out of jail after life sentences(
  7. A 9 year old girl in Brazil that had been raped by her stepfather got pregnant with twins. The court ordered an abortion and the Catholic Church officials have excommunicated the mother and doctors (
  8. I think God just excommunicated the responsible church officials!
  9. Mr. family values President George W.; you should have been there, you have time on your hands.
  10. A new gem from Michael Steele: If Republicans want to return to the heights of power, they have to stop trying to be, "cool and hip in a democrat way". Huh!! Mitch McConnell; stop being sooo cooool!
  11. After the Great Depression, Republicans returned to power by relying on a steady and middle of the road, Dwight David Eisenhower. Something tells me they can't learn from the past.
  12. What's up with Obama and Howard Dean?
  13. Scientists just discovered a 1.5 million year old human footprint (size 9) in Northern Kenya. That footprint must belong to Mike Huckabee's grandfather.
  14. Hey Boehner (you Bone - er), Obama is not asking me to pay additional taxes, he's asking you.
  15. Can the economy grow forever?
  16. Check out Bill Maher's "Ode To Government" video in the left hand column.
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  1. That footprint may have been Sarah Palin's grandmother - Size 9 is pretty small.

  2. Wow! Somebody got that cryptic comment. I'm impressed.

  3. Boehner (or as I like to refer to him, Bonehead) has been missing the point for quite a while, on most issues. -

    As for Dubya not being at the hospital to support his Dad, apparently Barbara "discouraged any of her five children, including former President George W. Bush, from visiting her during her hospital stay, and that the intensive care unit was no place for "children, even if they are 45 to 60 years old."

    Hmm. Maybe she knows more about her son than she ever let on.....