Friday, March 13, 2009

Dogs and Cats: Democrats and Republicans

Ever watch your dog and cat looking out on the world? You think they are both looking at the same thing; but chances are, the dog is watching the mailman and the cat is watching the robin in the tree. It's sort of like Democrats and Republicans. It seems like we are both looking at the same thing, but too often we're looking in opposite directions.

I think my cat tends to be a Republican. I think all cats have this tendency. She is very independent and smart, but she always wants things her way. Most of the time she could take you or leave you. She's not tied into your personal feelings. I think Republicans tend this way also.

My dog tends to be a Democrat. Heck; I think all dogs tend this way; I'm not sure about Pit Bulls though. Dogs live close to that philosophy; "it takes a village". They always want to see you and they're always looking for a handout; yet, they love you enough to save you from a fire. They are smart enough to protect you from danger and they truly care about you like the Democrats do.

Now I know Democrats that are cat lovers and I know Republicans that are dog lovers. Sometimes opposites attract. I tend to love them both. Seems like all the Presidents had dogs, although George Bush's dog liked to bite people. Lyndon Johnson's Beagles should have bitten him (for you that are too young to know, Johnson used to pick up his dogs by their ears). Bill Clinton had the most famous cat (Socks, just passed away). As the saying goes in our Nation's Capitol; "if you want a friend in Washington, get yourself a dog".

Maybe dogs and cats are closer than you think. Ever watch the dog and cat on a cold winter night when you turn the thermostat down? A frequent scene is the cat curled up against the dog, both working together sharing their body warmth. This is sort of like bipartisanship. When things get a little difficult, they work together.

Why can't Democrats and Republicans do the same thing?



  1. Yo Tom,
    Michael Harrelson here. Brilliant analogy about the dog/cat, dem./rep. relationship!!!!!!

  2. I agree with the analogy--I am a "dog" and proud of it!

  3. Pit bulls take a little getting used to.