Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carcieri Plots to Destroy Rhode Island

Governor Donald Carcieri of Rhode Island is continuing his disastrous path towards destroying this State. Today, he is releasing his proposed budget. On top of the deficit problem of greater than $400 million, our enlightened governor wants to "en-lighten" our pockets some more. It has been reported that he is actually proposing to end corporate taxes in Rhode Island. His proposals would reduce revenue to government by an estimated $130 million annually.

Carcieri's proposals have no hint of a positive outcome. Seems like it's just the Republican thing to do. Thank you Herbert Hoover! Please; somebody tell me why corporations should not be paying taxes. Please; tell me that this is somehow good, without the conservative mantra that is the nonsense of fools. My dog I think is smarter than some of the people generating these ideas. I'm not kidding!

Let me look at a local situation and you be the judge. Amgen, a local drug manufacture has been operating a facility in nearby West Greenwich, the town next door to where I live. Things looked quite well on the corporate side in 2005 (See the report of the CEO) when their drug Enbrel hit the market. Imagine what happened a few years later in 2007 (See the report from the Providence Journal) when one third of the work force had to be eliminated? Boom to bust in no time and who has been left with damage control? The citizens of Coventry, my home town.

You see, for Amgen to build where they did, many things had to happen. Those "things" are called the construction of infrastructure. Amgen sits in the next town, but the sewer line had to go through my community. Amgen provided some funding for the sewer line, but the citizens of Coventry have been left to struggle with the consequences. New sewer, new water links, roads in constant state of disrepair; but more importantly, business along Route 3 has been devastated by constant upheaval. I've spoken to business owners along this stretch and they are not happy.

So let me get this straight. Amgen, which required connection to the sewer system and sewage treatment plants, which required the development of expanded water capabilities in the community, which required the endless paving of roads (you know it never happens once), which blighted my town's business district for 3 years (Because nobody could move around all of the construction), which promised jobs for us all, which laid off 450 employees after the promise of jobs (just 2 years later), should not pay any state taxes? Is this what you're saying Governor?

Now Amgen sold product all over the world. We saw ads everywhere for their drug, Enbrel. Governor Carcieri is now telling us that, we the good citizens of Coventry, have to foot the bill all by ourselves. Can't collect any taxes here. Who cares if the government has to build sewer lines and new waste water treatment facilities and roads? Let the corporation make money from all over the world and, "to hell with Rhode Island". We will let the good people of Coventry pay the bills so Amgen can make profit from everywhere. Why should the people from Europe have to contribute to our little State?

To hell with this Republican philosophy. My taxes would be considerably less if Amgen were never built near my community. That's right; study after study has pointed to the illusion of development lowering property taxes. Governor Carcieri; my property taxes have increased because of you, your foolishness and Amgen.

"And I can see Russia; no I mean Amgen, from my backyard". I can; I really can. Sorry Sarah; I could not resist.

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  1. I can verify that Rt. 3 in Coventry has been an absolute nightmare.