Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Reasoning's VII

An occasional column of random thoughts and observa- tions.

Spring is here. The picture was not taken by me but was sent to me by a friend. It's been a long snowy winter and scenes like this have been much anticipated. (click on the image to expand it; the detail is amazing) Thanks Harry!
  1. The week's poll; Besides the economy, what should be the top 3 priorities for the Obama Administration? Iran 1; Iraq 4; Education 0; Health Care 14; Middle East 5; Afghanistan 9; Environment 5; Tax Policy 1; Homeland security 1; Trade Policy 1; North Korea 1; Poverty 1; Energy Policy 15.
  2. From this week's poll, it seems like energy policy, health care and Afghanistan are the top 3 priorities after the economy.
  3. What the hell is wrong with some in Congress? The proposal to selectively tax AIG executives will never stand the Constitutional test. Decide for yourself: Article 1; Section 8; Powers of Congress (Power to lay and collect taxes); ".......imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States".
  4. Do our Congressional Representatives ever read the Constitution?
  5. Ever wonder what happened to "Shaken Leg Syndrome"? Evidently, since the drug was taken off of the market and the marketing blitz has ended, everyone is cured. Amazing!
  6. Did you see that AIG (American International Group) is changing it's name to AIU (American International Underwriters)? I still think they missed the boat; the new name should be AIFU.
  7. I've heard that Senator Jack Reed in Rhode Island was supportive of the selective taxation of AIG executives and Timothy Geithner is opposed. At least Timothy Geithner knows the Constitution.
  8. Did you catch Bobby Jindal's remark about wasting $160 million on volcano monitoring? Apparently, he wants Sarah Palin blown up.
  9. Is it true that Sarah Palin has been complaining about the $10 billion to repair the levee system around the city of New Orleans? Maybe, Sarah Palin wants Bobby Jindal to drown in the next flood. Only kidding!
  10. Hat's off to Notre Dame University for following through with their usual tradition of inviting newly elected Presidents to speak at commencement this year. Turmoil over Obama's appearance is unfounded when you consider that other Presidents, Bush in particular, always ignored the Catholic Church when requested to commute a death sentence.
  11. I think it is true that most migrating birds have been to more countries than Sarah Palin.
  12. Message to the Providence Journal: Stop now; you are embarrassing yourselves!
  13. Did you see that Timothy Geithner always flies coach, never first class? That's a good sign.
  14. The Governing Against the Tide's, "Vision in Politics" award goes to Democratic Senator Byron Dorgon of North Dakota. After only 8 Senators voted against the "Gramm, Leach, Bliley" Act of 1999 (This act deregulated the financial industries and removed numerous protections built into the law following the Great Depression) Dorgan predicted that the economy would become a disaster in a period of 10 years. Now that's vision!! Thank you Senator Dorgan.
  15. It's funny how some people need cities, planes, night lights and noise to feel alive; while some of us need the natural world absent of the artificial noise of mankind.
  16. My leg is shaking!
  17. Three cheers for Obama! He has asked Rick Wagoner to step down as the CEO of General Motors. Check out my earlier post on the auto industry, February 21, 2009, "Will the American Automakers Survive". Maybe Pontiac will now survive!
  18. My leg is still shaking!



  1. How about AID - American International Dummies

  2. LOL Tom about the migrating birds!!!!!!!!!!
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