Monday, March 23, 2009

Why are Some Conservatives Infatuated with Sarah Palin?

I can't understand for the life of me why some conservatives are so impressed by Sarah Palin? I've been reluctant to write about this topic because the troubling nature of the infatuation has made me search for a reason; obviously, I can't find one. I have very good friends that are truly conservative and only voted for McCain because of what they perceived Palin brought to the table. I know a number of other conservatives that were forced to vote for Obama because of their concern over Palin. One good friend from the south hadn't voted Democratic in over 50 years but told me, Palin is a real problem for McCain. It seems like Palin is truly a love-hate relationship with Republicans. I can't figure out the love part; and here's a few reasons why.

Didn't conservative folks notice that Palin pulled her kids out of school and dragged them all over the country with her during the election? I wonder what the law says about this in Alaska? Were her children actually truant? Barack and Michelle Obama made sure their kids stayed in school and sought as little disruption as possible to their children's routine. Heck; the Obama's made their children go to school the day after the election. Which is the "conservative" choice?

Sarah Palin charged the state for travel for her husband and kids on a regular basis. Forget about the national campaign, she did this all the time back in Alaska. Is this the practice of a fiscal conservative? Further, she was charging the state per Diem costs for those days that she was staying in her own home. OK, it was away from the Capitol, but you still have to wonder about her conservative credentials. This is not the practice of a true fiscal conservative.

When Sarah's star power was on the rise, we then learn of the clothing fiasco. The final chapter hasn't been written on this gem. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent from the Republican Campaign Committee for clothing, not only for herself, but for her kids. This ethical lapse is monumental. Meanwhile, Obama is walking around with holes in his shoes, a ten year old belt and I don't think he owned more than 4 suits when the campaign started. OK, he bought a few new suits and Michelle bought new clothes; but Michelle's dresses were reported to cost under $200 and, the Obama's paid for their own clothes. Who was making the fiscally conservative decisions here?

What about the myriad of ethics violations that Palin has brought upon the people of Alaska. It has been reported that her legal bills are approximately $500,000 to date. Troopergate was just one case in point. Here in Rhode Island we have a conservative governor that likes to defy the ethics code. He's been caught a number of times as has Palin. I'm not going to write this off as a conservative trait though. I think ethics violations extend beyond party lines. My point however; is that conservatives blast away at Democrats when there are ethics violations, yet apparently stay silent when it is one of them. Conservatives usually try to claim the higher ground even though they don't own it. Why do they want to own Palin's sketchy behavior?

Another troubling thing that I noted during the campaign was the forever presence of her husband. Doesn't this guy have a job? He should have been home in Alaska; taking care of the kids and the household, making sure those kids were doing their school work. It seemed like he was right there for every event and almost every interview. In the mean time, we know that one daughter had a little too much freedom. I ask you again; is this the behavior of a true conservative? Is this what conservative family values means?

Somebody help me! I remain very confused. Sarah Palin has not displayed stability throughout her life and stability is generally considered to be a conservative trait. A case in point; attending 5 different colleges over 6 years before she finally got a degree from the University of Idaho. How many people take that route to get their degree and why? There is still something that bothers me about Sarah Palin beyond all of this, I do not think that she is being honest at times.

For all the talk about Palin's family values; believe it or not, liberals have strong family values and most of us are fiscally conservative. To my friends that have trouble swallowing this, ask me how long the curtains were hanging in my state office? Palin has not exhibited conservative traits in her own life and if I'm looking for somebody with conservative values, Barack Obama wins that contest.



  1. Yo Tom, M.H. here,
    Don't know what to think about the "Palin factor", except that it may be a "diversion factor". We've come to see a society where $100 billion means nothing. The Republicans, by putting up Sarah Palin, got us to take our eye off the ball. Which in golf, as you know, is not a good thing at all!!!!!! While ruthless Wall Street "persons" achieved the agenda they planned, they created any possible "diversion" they thought would be beneficial!!!!!!!
    Maybe Sarah was just another person "used", like so many first time home buyers, so that the Wall Street "elite" could accomplish the completion of the destruction of the middle class.
    Love to hear your thoughts!!!!!
    Say hi to Sandy!!!!

  2. I think that McCain made an unforgivable mistake. He thrust Palin into the limelight without having a clue about her ability to cope. She was in over her head. She had a very good opinion of herself, but lacked so many personal skills needed to connect to all Americans. This was a classic McCain gamble. He knew he had no way to win unless he used a wild card. That wild card worked for a few weeks, but after the Nation saw the risk, voters knew we could not let this happen. Palin would have been a classic mouthpiece for the Republican message. It's just that their message was taking our country into troubled waters.

  3. I have just posted an unbelievable video of a Sarah Palin response to an interview question from Katie Couric. Jack Cafferty of CNN is just beside himself in this clip. He should be. How the Hell did Republicans come this close to putting this women so close to the presidency? The link is in the left hand column with other Palin links.

  4. Republicans seem to get away with:
    Vote for us for what we say not what we do.
    They want government out of our private lives but lead the war on drugs and gay marriage.
    They are for fiscal conservatism but always out spend Democrats (up until the current economic mess but that's a special case).
    They are for small government but under Reagan it got bigger than ever.
    They are for experience and Sarah can see Russia from her house. What more do you need.

  5. Very good points. Republicans are always telling us they want the government out of their lives, but they are the ones that want to get into your bedroom. They want to tell a woman what to do with their body. I have been preparing a piece for a future post on this topic which I'll probably call: Are Conservatives Conservative?

  6. While we're on the subject, could someone please explain why the right to own a gun is a Republican issue.
    It seems very liberal to me.

  7. Interesting comment. You know me, I believe in gun rights and I don't think it's the government's business (a liberal point of view in my estimation). Conservatives are protective of gun rights also. Unfortunately, many liberals live in fear of guns and focus on guns as the cause of all evil. This singular issue has cost liberal politicians many elections for decades. The progressive movement in this country needs to avoid an "all or nothing" approach on this issue. A ban on assault weapons is alright and constitutional in my estimation. I strongly support the opinion that crimes are committed by people, not guns. I agree with you, I think this is a liberal statement but conservatives will take issue with this. We should enjoy the freedom to own guns, but we have to have the brains to manage their use. Some people have no brains and I don't know how to legislate against that.

  8. Harry - I had the same thoughts. The Republicans talk fiscal responsibility, but that is not what they do. Did anyone catch Frontline last night? The government, historically, has grown under Republican watch. And don't get me started on the "Tax Cuts" stance they all seem to take. I always wonder if they run deficits in their home budgets as well?

    Also, I would like to know when not only gun rights, but also Family Values and national pride became the property of the Republican party? As a gun owning, family loving, proud American liberal, I am baffled by it!!