Thursday, March 5, 2009

Corporate Taxation - The Door to Bipartisanship?

It has been reported that two out of every three United States corporations paid no Federal income taxes from 1998 through 2005. ( This has to be the most unbelievable financial statistic that is affecting our Country according to Democrats. Do you ever wonder where President Obama can find revenue to work toward deficit reduction? This will certainly help to resolve some economic woes. This is a true Democratic solution; every corporation pays its fair share.

Solve the problem of corporations that pay no taxes and the end is in site! Not so fast. Republicans say that the United States has the highest corporate taxation rate in the world, at 35%. Corporations that are patriotic and keep Americans working here have unfair competition in a world economy. You know what? Republicans are right. We have a dilemma; Democrats are right and Republicans are right?

What a chance for a bipartisan solution. Why not make sure that all corporations in America, foreign and domestic, are paying a fair share of taxes. Lower the taxation rate for the corporations that stand by this Country and reward them for their patriotism. Lower their taxes so they can hire more workers. Come down hard on any corporation doing business in this Country that is not paying taxes. Lower the rate of taxation to a competitive rate, but make no doubt about it, all corporations in the United States will pay taxes.

This will reward the true Americans that care about our Nation and ensure that anyone doing business here will contribute. This to me is bipartisanship. Both sides of the political spectrum can make their point. They are both right! We may actually be able to solve some fiscal problems as we address corporate taxation policy.

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  1. Hey Tommy, it's Michael Harrelson, another great article!!! I don't know if you saw the senate hearing yesterday questioning the CFO of UBS? Switzerland seems to have "these" privacy laws which enable U.S. citizens to "scheme the U.S. gov't" out of billions of taxable dollars!!! I want to say no-one, but it seems there maybe one, possibly two UBS employees,
    who are being held accountable for one of the greatest "schemes" in modern times!!
    This makes Madoff look like an amatuer!! And only because Madoff isn't a "country"!
    What is it about Switzerland? Even Hitler, a meglomaniac, said to himself "I'm not going to touch this country". I wonder why? Because they are the premiere money launderers on the planet, in my opinion!
    What are your thoughts?????

  2. Great comment: Actually, I understand that they have agreed to open their books to investigators. No more hidden Swiss bank accounts? If true; it's about time!!!