Sunday, March 1, 2009

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An occasional column of random thoughts and observations.

  1. Results of this week's poll question; Will Obama get Osama? Yes: 40%, Maybe: 40%, No: 7%, He's dead: 13%.
  2. Have you noticed that I have established a link to the top stories on CNN in the left column of the blog?
  3. Where was Antonin Scalia during President Obama's first speech to the full Congress this week? Was he out hunting with Dick Cheney again? Who knows what he's plotting?
  4. Is the publishing industry the next to go down the drain in this Country? Ever notice that they chase you for your subscription renewal a year before it's due? They seem to be in a big hurry to get your money and they spend more money on mailings than the cost of the subscription.
  5. If you are liberal, the Huffington Post is the site you want . It should be bookmarked and visited every day.
  6. At least credit card promos have trickled to a crawl.
  7. Ever notice that throughout history, science always trumps religion.
  8. Chipmunks awakened from hibernation on Thursday (a lot of them and all on the same day).
  9. Can somebody please get Rush Limbaugh some more chill pills?
  10. Can Eric Cantor say anything that is right? Oh ya, that's right; he is right; right?
  11. Is it treason when a U.S. Senator ( Senator Richard Shelby, Alabama) questions the citizenship of a U.S. President when he knows damn well it has been proven over and over again that he was born in Hawaii? Is Shelby a real American?
  12. If Bernie Madoff robbed the Cumberland Farms store of $200, he would be in prison now.
  13. George Bush on his own Presidency: That was hard work, it was hard work, hard work!
  14. Extinction is a natural process in the evolutionary chain.
  15. Watch out Republicans: the Party of "No" just might stick! No sense, no logic, no cooperation, no votes. Extinction?
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  1. I agree totally--what happened to the spirit of unity and cooperation? We are ALL AMERICANS and the negativity is surprising and totally unbecoming!!!