Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wow!! Arlen Specter is now a Democrat! Bipartisanship Wins!

Arlen Specter is about to speak to the nation on cable TV to inform us all that he is switching his party affiliation to the Democratic Party. This is really huge news that positions Specter to be able to wheel and deal and become the pivotal vote in the Senate.

Historically, I was a huge fan of Arlen Specter; then came the New England Patriot's scandal called "spy gate". I was upset at him; largely because I was a Patriot fan, but I had other reasons for questioning his judgement. It seemed to me that in his role as Chair of the Judiciary Committee, that if he wanted to investigate video-taping, he needed to turn his committee to the video produced by the U.S. military in the Persian Gulf that showed Iranian gunships chasing a U.S destroyer.

After experts outside of the Government viewed the video with the accompanying audio tape; that was derogatory to the U.S., it became clear that the video was doctored. How; you may ask can you prove that? Simple physics called the "Doppler effect" is why there should have been a major investigation by his committee of this faked video. Don't forget, this video had tremendous implications towards the Bush administration's posturing over Iran. No investigation occurred over the faked video and the incident seems to have disappeared into history. The video is more evidence of crimes within the Bush administration. Bush was looking for military action against Iran at the time.

The faked video in the Persian Gulf had far greater implications for the security of this nation and the world than the Patriot's video tape.

Today, Specter made a great decision. When Al Franken is seated, the Senate will have a filibuster proof Senate.

Today, I'm a fan of Arlen Specter and I bet Robert Kraft is too. Who cares about the New England Patriots? OK; I still care about the New England Patriots.



  1. I think Arlen Specter is going senile.