Saturday, April 25, 2009

Challenge to Readers III - Commitment to Service

It seems like we had some fun with the last challenge, so I've decided to post another one. Below you will find an equal list of famous people from both major political parties and a third list of famous political pundits. The question is this; What is the total amount of time the people listed in each group (in aggregate) served in the military? I'm looking for 3 numbers, an estimate of joint military service for each group.

The Challenge has ended: To view additional information, read the comments.

Democrats - 46 years of Service - 12 major service medals

  1. Barack Obama
  2. Tom Daschle
  3. Bill Clinton
  4. Al Gore
  5. John Kerry
  6. Charles Rangel
  7. Ted Kennedy
  8. Walter Mondale
  9. Tom Harkin
  10. George McGovern
  11. Max Cleland
  12. Jimmy Carter

Republicans - 0 years of military service

  1. Mitch McConnell
  2. Tom Delay
  3. Karl Rove
  4. Paul Wolfowitz
  5. Richard Perle
  6. Phil Gramm
  7. Dick Cheney
  8. Jeb Bush
  9. Newt Gingrich
  10. Dennis Hastert
  11. Trent Lott
  12. John Ashcroft

Political Pundits - 0 years of military service

  1. Sean Hannity
  2. Rush Limbaugh
  3. Bill O'Reilly
  4. George Will
  5. Michael Savage
  6. Bill Bennett
  7. Pat Buchanan
  8. John Wayne
  9. Bill Kristol
  10. Kenneth Starr
  11. Antonin Scalia
  12. Clarence Thomas
When somebody responds and gets within +/- (4) years for all three groups, I'll then give you some more numbers regarding the 3 groups in a follow up comment. I'll provide hints along the way.



  1. Democrats have spent more time in the military

  2. Thank you for responding. You are right, Democrats have spent more time in the military, but how much more time?

    Try this format:

    Democrats: XXX years
    Republicans: XXX years
    Pundits: XXX years

    Feel free to throw some numbers out there.

  3. Dems 20
    Rep 10
    Pun 8

  4. The pattern is right, but the numbers are wrong!

  5. DEmocrats 36
    Republicans 8
    Pundits 0

  6. Democrats are low
    Republicans are high
    Pundits are correct - good job!

  7. Dems 50

    Republics 15

    Pundits 0

  8. Dems are a little high

    Rep are too high: The last guess of 8 was too high

    Pundits = 0

  9. One more day for the challenge!

  10. OK: That's enough. I'm shocked that nobody nailed this one. The answer is Dems 46, Rep 0, Pundits 0

    That's right: Not one day of military service for all of those Republicans and not one day of service for all of the pundits.

    Here's a little more information:

    46 years of service
    12 major service medals (bronze stars, silver stars or purple hearts
    I believe only 2 deferments (Bill Clinton)
    Neither Clinton nor Obama served, every other Democrat in the list did.

    0 years of military service
    0 medals
    Ashcroft had 7 deferments and Chaney 5 - so the number of deferments is too large to count.

    0 years of military sevice
    100's of years of combined false patriotism.

  11. I think those numbers --differences between the Dems and the other 2 groups--is astounding. It speaks Volumes about reality!!!!!!!