Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random Reasoning's XI

  1. This week's poll was the most lopsided "Governing Against the Tide" poll to date. Response to the question; Should the Obama administration assign a special prosecutor to investigate war crimes associated with Bush administration decisions, was overwhelmingly; yes. The response; hell yes accounted for over 96% of responses, the response; hell, I don't know, accounted for 4% or all responses.
  2. Obama's first 100 day report card has been published a few days early and it appears that 69% of Americans think he is doing a great job. By the way; 69% is not a D+, it's really an A+.
  3. How come the state never offered me a "retention bonus"? I suppose I got no bonus for the same reason that George Bush and Dick Cheney weren't offered a"retention bonus".
  4. Colin Powell's former chief of staff, Lawrence Wilkerson has just said that there needs to be a special prosecutor to investigate war crimes; and, the lawyers involved in the Bush decisions should be disbarred.
  5. In a recent poll, 64% of Minnesota voters want Norm Coleman to quit. Additionally, only 28% of voters thought his most recent appeal was appropriate. Give it up!
  6. Did you see where the foresighted GOP stripped flu pandemic preparedness from the Obama Stimulus bill?
  7. The New York Times is reporting that Wall St. pay is back to where it was before the crisis. They are reporting that Goldman Sachs seems to be leading the way with the average pay per worker at $569,000 per year. J.P. Morgan Chase is a bunch of cheap skates with the average pay per worker being reported as $509,524 annually.
  8. Tell that to United Auto Workers! Take that public employees! The average pay per worker on Wall St. is higher than the President of the United States. The average pay!!
  9. They (the Wall St. workers) all seem to feel that they are entitled to this compensation. Where does this leave investors; you know, the schmucks with 401Ks? How is there any money left for the stock holders?
  10. Larry Summers needs to wake up, if you know what I mean?
  11. In a recent conversation, a Republican executive explained to me that the Wall St. workers were worth every penny. He told me they would not be getting paid what they do unless they brought in the money to the company. OK!! I brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to the state (some years millions) and many years those dollars were competitive in nature. I could never dream of a salary like that; heck, I never got a bonus, but I could dream of a steady and well deserved retirement check. You've heard of public employee pension systems, the future that public employees work their entire career for; that's the same pension system that Republican executives want to destroy.
  12. Notice to Republican executive: Wall St. firms were losing billions of dollars!! Get a clue!!
  13. Did you see where Ed Rollins, Ronald Reagan's campaign manager gave Obama an A for keeping the country safe?
  14. Watching the NFL Draft is like watching grass grow. Why the hell did I waste my time?
  15. Did you see where David Duke (of KKK fame) was arrested and sent to jail in the Czech Republic for giving eastern Europe his thoughts? That must have been some surprise; I can hear him now, "you mean I can't spew forth hatred against the Jews and claim the Holocaust never occurred in your country?" "Please let me go home so I can spew forth my hatred in the socialist country where I live that is controlled by blacks."
  16. Message to the Czech Republic: Why the hell did you let him out? You should have kept him in one of the CIA prisons.
  17. In line yesterday at the super market, an elderly man in front of me bought a newspaper that had a front page story on the sentencing of a women for embezzlement. The old man began spouting off at the cashier that it won't be long before we have that Obama behind bars. The cashier said nothing and as I approached, asked me how my day was? My response: "great until you have to listen to idiocy like that". I like to make people smile!


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