Friday, April 10, 2009

Republican Tea Parties are Funny!

If you want to get a good laugh, take a look at some footage of the Republican tea parties being held across the country. These people really think they have a ground swell in public opinion. First of all, the very premise is laughable because Barack Obama has lowered the taxes for 95% of the citizens in this nation. Second; the crowds being drummed up appear to approach many dozen people in city after city. Finally, the rhetoric being spewed is full of lies and/or stupidity. At least during the Vietnam war protests, much of the rhetoric was true.

Not since Sarah Palin's display of her ability to write comedy, have I laughed so hard on matters of politics. If you want to see some of the fun just (click here). Now I ask you; do you want these people making the decisions for our country in the years ahead? I've got to believe that most true conservatives have to be embarrassed by these pathetic shows. Contrast these videos with some pictures of the Vietnam War protests by just (clicking here).

My generation found it very difficult to change the politics in this Nation by standing up for what we believed in. At least we had millions of people protesting. Somehow, I don't think that dozens of folks will make much of a difference. Heck, these protesters won't even allow Michael Steele, RNC Chairman to speak at their "thunderous" events.

Watch some of the tea party videos and get a laugh. It's a lot like watching Jay Leno's, "Jaywalking" segment.

I hope some of my friends are enjoying Passover, and I wish Christian friends a great Easter.



  1. Let's see how big the crowd gets today in Providence - April 14.

  2. Well I'll go with the estimate of the Providence Journal and not the organizers. The paper estimated about 1000 people at the mid-point of the rally. It still seems like I saw more people at my sons t-ball games.