Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wisdom from the Woods V

Wisdom from the Woods is an occasional column that outlines a complex issue.

Everyone must notice that some people get an easy start in life; and for others, life's journey can be very difficult. The white pine on the ledge growing out of solid rock made me think about how this is true for people, trees and presidents.

I think that everyone has to agree that Barack Obama was given a position in the history of this country that is akin to the white pine growing out of a granite ledge. In nature, I find it absolutely amazing that some trees given this circumstance manage to find a way to survive and flourish. I hope that Barack Obama can find his way on the foundation that has been handed to him. In my opinion, I think that he is the right person to deal with our future over the next 8 years. You have to know that; just like the tree, few individuals are up to the task.

George W. Bush had far more fertile ground. Although there was a slight recession upon taking office, that was more a retraction in the economy from a long period of fantastic growth. The Clinton years were good for all of us, even Republicans. Republicans got rich both monetarily and then politically with the extra curricular activities of Bill Clinton. George Bush then seemed to go on vacation following his selection. The lack of vision and concern for a possible terrorist attack on the United States was a monumental failure. George Bush did not keep us safe. Bush was AWOL on 911. Can somebody explain to me how he managed to get re-elected; especially after his decision to continue to read, "My Pet Goat", to a grammar school class for 7 minutes after being told our Nation was under attack?

Following the attack, all Americans came together in support of our President. We knew that he would find a way to bring bin Laden to justice and we all knew that action in Afghanistan would be inevitable. We all put the rancor over his selection as President behind us. Then came Iraq and the absolute disaster that it was and still is. While the outgoing administration tried to create the spin that "we kept you safe", history knows that they didn't.

The Bush administration prepared the ground for Barack Obama; and, what lousy ground it is. Obama has taken root though and will flourish as the white pine on the ledge in the years ahead. I'm confident that this man is in the right place at the right time in our Nation's history. He will be able to inspire, lead and grow from this difficult ground.



  1. For the sake of our nation and the world, I hope he is successful, too, I am doubtful. Check this out:

  2. pS - Don't understand Profile selections/requirements - Rick

  3. Hey Tom, as for how Bush got re-elected, I believe that electronic voting booths is the answer!! If there's no "hard copy", how do we know who wins any election, local, state or federal!! We all know it took Florida's supreme court to give Bush his first win(Jeb Bush being Govenor). Who can forget the "hanging chads"? How ridiculous was that "show"!!!!! I think the electoral college should be done away with, and only the popular vote should decide who our President is. Good luck President Obama!! May you be as strong as the tree!!!!!!
    Say hi to Sandy!! M.H.

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