Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random Reasoning's X

An occasional column of random thoughts and Observations

  1. This weeks poll posed the question; what will happen with Sarah Palin's career by 2012? The top response was; providing commentary on Fox news; 16, 64 % of respondents. In further results; she will be the defeated Governor of Alaska; 13, 52% of respondents - She will be in legal trouble; 8, 32% of respondents - She will be Governor of Alaska, she will be Republican nominee for President and she will be a U.S. Senator; all polled 2, 8% of respondents. (voters were allowed to vote for more than one response)
  2. Did you see where a Russian professor, Igor Panarin has predicted the fall of the United States in 2010 or 2011? I guess this professor has been selling this story for the better part of a decade. He has found one true believer in Governor Rick Perry of Texas. Love it or leave it Governor Perry (To Russia with Love).
  3. Congratulations to the 18 year old student who has sued Governor, Mark Sanford, Republican of South Carolina, for failing to accept stimulus money from the Federal Government. The case is now in the South Carolina Supreme Court and seems to have merit.
  4. There are an estimated 600 million cars in the world. If you parked every car side by side in a parking space 10 feet wide (6 feet for the car and 2 feet to open doors on both sides), how many times would your line of cars circumnavigate the planet? (answer at the bottom of the column)
  5. History lesson for tea baggers: The Boston Tea Party was about "taxation without representation". You all have more than enough representation; you lost!
  6. Did you see that the Obama administration is now cyber attacking the Taliban and al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan. With new leadership comes new ideas. Get them before they get us in a cyber attack.
  7. Can somebody tell me why I have had to put up with Red Lobster ads every night on TV when the nearest franchise is over 90 miles away? Like, I'm going to drive 90 miles to get to my favorite Red Lobster?
  8. How about Belgium? There's a country we seldom here from; but give credit where credit is due, the Belgium Parliament rebuked Pope Benedict for his ridiculous assertions that condoms will spread AIDS in Africa. I've been to Belgium and now I feel like I can brag.
  9. Some more Tea Party hilarity was witnessed this week when Representative Gresham Barrett, Republican Congressman of South Carolina was actually harassed and booed off stage at a Tea Party rally in Greenville, South Carolina. It's really funny; you can watch it here.
  10. In more Tea Party fallout, it appears that many independent voters were very turned off by the name calling and behavior of many in the crowds. Certain GOP insiders are also very concerned. Click here to see video of some of the hatred spewed forth by the good citizens of this nation.
  11. If I were Dick Cheney, I don't think I'd be planning any vacations outside of the good ole U.S. Spain has been considering an investigation of war crimes against the Bush administration because of the treatment of their detainees at Gitmo. I guess the rest of the world dislikes torturing prisoners. Remember when the U.S used to be the shining example of righteousness in the world?
  12. Did you see that the Obama administration has eliminated a contract for Homeland Security that has provided $3 million since 2003 to a design company for developing seals and logos for the agency? This is a good move. Why not let some college student do the designs for a scholarship? If times get even tighter, let some grade school students in on the action.
  13. Did you see the McCain dis of Palin on the Jay Leno show the other night? Seems like Palin is really struggling back in her home State of Alaska too. I think it just comes down to her love of attention. Seems like she'll do anything to get it. People in Alaska are left wondering, What's up with this ___________ (fill in the blank)? I want to be nice.
  14. I like the quote by Barack Obama: "We must learn from history, but we can't be trapped by it"
  15. Many conservatives are upset about the analysis by the Obama administration that the rise in right wing extremism is a threat to homeland security. To those conservatives that have lost their gyro-compass; do you remember Timothy McVay? Do you remember, Oklahoma City? Until 911, the attack on the Federal building in Oklahoma City was the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S history.
  16. Norm Coleman really cares for the citizens of Minnesota. He cares so much that he will delay his court appeal following his recent unfavorable court ruling. He lost by a larger margin than the original tally before the complaint. He has ten days to appeal and he will most likely take all 10. Norm Coleman; give it up! Al Gore did and he won by 500,000 votes.
  17. Answer to question: There are 600 million cars in the world. - 600million X 10 feet = 6 trillion feet- 6 trillion feet/5,280 feet per mile = 1,136,363 miles - 1,136,363 miles/26,000 mile circumference of the Earth = 43.7 times around the planet.


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  1. Great column--I agree with just about all the observations, for example, the Norm Coleman selfishness and kudos to Belgium, etc. Keep challenging us all to think!