Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random Reasoning's VIII

An occasional column of random thoughts and observations.

  1. I've had a number of people ask me about posting comments on the blog. I have the controls set so that anyone can post a comment by simply using the anonymous choice on the pull down menu after you click on comment. If you want to friend the site or establish your own identity for comments, then I recommend that you go to and register. The process is very simple and you can also build your own igoogle home page to follow blogs and enjoy other Internet sites. I have posted simple instructions in the left hand column.
  2. This week's poll results: How is Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner's performance? Great; 15%, Doing his best; 48%, Needs more time; 30%, He's a disaster; 7%.
  3. Did you see where Levi Johnson, Bristol Palin's boyfriend said on the Tyra Banks Show, that Sarah Palin knew that her daughter was sexually active? For a politician that preaches abstinence and maintains those conservative values, it sounds like a little more parental attention should have been applied in this case.
  4. If you still need your manicure, the economy for you is doing just fine.
  5. Message to Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago: Your negative comment regarding the invitation of the University of Notre Dame for Barack Obama to speak at commencement is an extreme embarrassment to those you purport to represent.
  6. Did you see where the Obama's have turned down government money ($100,000) allocated for renovations to the White House? The Obama's insist on paying for renovations themselves. They must be closet conservatives!
  7. Here's a test: How many countries are in the "Group of 20" (G-20), which is the economic conference that was just attended by President Obama in Great Britain? The answer is at the bottom of the column.
  8. RNC Chairman, Michael Steele recently stated that he would wait until God tells him what to do regarding a potential run for the Presidency in 2012. He better watch out, because God is also talking to Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee. Funny how God only talks to Republicans! It's also funny that God must be awfully confused.
  9. I think that politicians that hear voices from God belong in a padded cell. They're nuts!!!
  10. Why isn't Governor Carcieri cutting ribbons these days at the Dunkin Donut's Center (The Dunk)? Seems like just yesterday he was telling us all that this would be the economic stepping stone to a secure future for the State. This is the perfect example of what government should not be doing. If the private sector can't make this work, citizens of Rhode Island shouldn't have to pay the bill.
  11. Monopoly kills capitalism; not liberals. Lean and mean should be the ticket to reset capitalism. Break apart GM into 4 separate companies and let them compete for our dollars. While your at it Mr. President, bust apart AIG and scatter it in the wind. Never let a corporation get so big that it can't fail.
  12. Let's see; $28.5 million to buy the Dunk; $53 million to rehab it; With cost overruns, $80.5 million to rehab the Dunk; $23 million every year to cover operating loses; Yes Governor Carcieri, you're one smart businessman! You are a walking financial disaster and any legislator that went along for the ride shares the guilt. Why do people wonder about Rhode Island going broke?
  13. There are nineteen (19) countries in the G-20. It's sort of like 14 teams in the Atlantic 10. The countries are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States. To find out what the 20 is in the G-20, click here.
  14. Is there anyone out there that thinks there was actually $80.5 million spent on the Dunk to rehab it. I've been there; and I'll tell you Governor Fraud, that was no $80.5 million job. Maybe the upgrade was worth $8 million, but not a penny more.
  15. Why the hell can't God make up his mind? Ask a Republican running for President the next time you have a chance.


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  1. Funny Sarah palin can take the time to respond to her daughter's ex-boyfriend's comments to People magazine and others but often not find
    time to comment on important issues of the day that affect her constituency!