Thursday, May 7, 2009

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Steps Up!

Rhode Island has something to be proud of at this point in time with the decision of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to conduct torture hearings in Congress. It's hard to believe that Whitehouse had to be the point person for this egregious abuse of power during the Bush administration. Whitehouse, as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Administrative Oversight and the Courts, has called for his first hearing on May 13.

I think it's unconscionable that Eric Holder has not taken some action in this regard and I'm disappointed in the Obama administration for not pursuing truth and justice. While I feel that a special prosecutor would be appropriate, I would not want to see a Ken Starr fiasco. We do not need a multi-million dollar witch hunt that in the end, proves nothing. We do need to find resolution on this issue because there needs to be a clear incentive to never let this happen again. We as Americans, can never allow the likes of Dick Cheney to grab the reigns of power again. I'm saying this; not because I have some affinity towards the enemy, but because I have affinity for Americans fighting for this country across the globe. Exposing the misdeeds and illegal acts of the Bush administration is the giant step that is necessary to ensure America's continuing leadership in the world, as well as a step towards protecting our own fighting men and women.

I do not know Sheldon Whitehouse, but I've not been happy with him at times while he served in state government here in Rhode Island. I always thought that the law suit he brought as Attorney General against the major paint companies for selling lead paint was a real stretch. In the end, Rhode Island spent untold millions to prosecute a case that was overturned by the State Supreme Court. I thought that years of wasted financial resources was going to be his legacy to all Rhode Islanders. Additionally, I could never understand how any person could work so close to former Governor Bruce Sundlun for as long as Sheldon did. Sundlun was the most arrogant leader for Rhode Island in history. Carcieri is not arrogant in the same way as Bruce, he is just totally void of leadership ability. I always thought that Sheldon needed to, "man up", and tell Bruce Sundlun to "go pound sand." Maybe he did and we just didn't see it.

Well; Sheldon, I guess I have to say that you just, "manned up". My only fear at this point is that years go by, millions are spent, and in the end there is no justice. You can't let that happen this time. Dot the i's and cross all of the t's; and get it right. This country needs to come to terms with this era of lost patriotism.

For any friends in the Sociopath Party that think this direction is dangerous for the country; you are wrong; dead wrong! The most dangerous path for this country is to not move to correct Bush administration lawlessness. It's just unfortunate that a rookie U.S. Senator has to become the face of justice. I'm ashamed of those that have not, "manned up". To those Republicans and Democrats that seek truth; thank you!


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