Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random Reasoning's XII

  1. Last week's poll posed the question; In Obama's first 100 days, has his administration taken the right steps to improve the economy? Yes; 71%, Maybe; 24%, No; 5%.
  2. Last week's challenge to readers has ended and it partially stumped readers. You can see the full results if you track back to the April 25, 2009 post. The challenge listed 12 prominent Democrats, 12 prominent Republicans and 12 prominent pundits. Readers were asked to put a number on the years of military service (in aggregate) for each group. The results; Democrats; 46 years, Republicans; 0 years, and Pundits; 0 years.
  3. I have a new name for General Motors. From now on, GM should be known as General Morons.
  4. Have you read where U.S. troops in Afghanistan have an organized proselytizing movement and are trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. Message to the Christian world: This is not what we are in Afghanistan for. This activity will undermine U.S. efforts and any military personnel involved in this effort needs to be severely disciplined and removed from that country.
  5. Did you hear Mitch McConnell speaking about Arlen Specter switching to the Democratic Party? Quote (4/28/2009): "This is not a national story, this is a Pennsylvania story" He goes on to say this about Specter's switch; "This is a threat to the country". Huh!! Know what you're saying before you say it. When you leave the Senate, you're qualified to take a job at General Morons.
  6. On a recently aired Andy Griffith episode, Helen Krump says the following to her class; "Every morning we come into class and say the Pledge of Allegiance. I don't think you kids know what that means." My question is this; was Rick Perry, Governor of Texas in her class?
  7. Can we see Lady Justice's breasts now that John Ashcroft is long gone from Washington DC?
  8. Republicans supporting torture is sort of like Republicans supporting any kind of assault. they are both crimes. Has the Republican Party become the Sociopath Party?
  9. How can anyone invest in the stock market again when they know damn well that Wall Street executives are going to be stealing their money. If the last year was not a wake up call to Wall Street, then what will this country look like when they do wake up?
  10. Each year throughout the country, resorts hire foreign workers to cater to vacationing crowds. Historically, Jamaicans filled many of these jobs until the Bush administration started denying visas. In their place, resorts turned to Ukrainians that were allowed visas. Now I ask you; is it more likely that a dirty bomb enter this country from Jamaica or the Ukraine? Don't worry now; Bush and Chaney were keeping us safe you know!
  11. I knew John Edwards was a loser when I read about his $400 haircut. It was only a matter of time before we hear about an affair.
  12. Seems like the conservative Supreme Court wants to take up challenges to the Voting Rights Act. Apparently, some justices feel that the Act hasn't kept up with the times. The Act is the law of the land that has been fully supported by previous courts. I'm so glad that conservatives never try to write the law with the courts, or am I mistaken?
  13. Michelle Bachmann is a bad joke. Is she a bigger joke than Sarah Palin?
  14. Where the hell is Al Franken?


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  1. The Sociopath Party has a ring of truth to it!