Monday, May 11, 2009

Dick Cheney Behind the Next Terrorist Attack?

That's right; Dick Cheney's story is as sturdy as a house of cards. You think that he would disappear into retirement and do his best to lay low. Not Dick Cheney! He claims to be speaking out because of love of country, but we all know that he's speaking out because of love of Dick Cheney. Let's not forget; this guy along with Bush ignored the pre-911 warnings and failed to keep America safe before.

I'm going to be 60 years old at my next birthday, and in my years on the planet, no American has been as dangerous to America as this pathetic draft dodging, gun totting, trigger loving mouthpiece of idiocy. Not even shooting a lawyer in the face can silence this embarrassment to democracy and free speech.

Hell, we all believe in free speech and that means even Cheney is entitled to have his say. He is not entitled to claim the high ground of freedom. He is not entitled to claim patriotism above and beyond any Democrat or Republican for that matter. Cheney is not entitled to be the consummate spokesperson for the Bush administration. Cheney is not entitled to shine the shoes of Colin Powell or Barack Obama. Cheney is not entitled to offer opinion on foreign policy as he screwed up everything he's touched. Cheney is not, nor ever has been a reliable source of information for the American people. Cheney is dangerous because he is exhibiting the signs of a sick man. Sick people can do horrible things in this world and this begs the question; why the hell is Dick Cheney laying the groundwork for another terrorist attack on the U.S.? Why the hell is Dick Cheney so adamant about what he sees as failures of the Obama administration?

Here's a conspiracy theory for you; if the U.S. gets attacked, Dick Cheney is behind it because he is really a sick man. Cheney is hoping and praying every night for another attack against this country because he seeks vindication. This sounds like a pretty good motive to commit a crime. Cheney and Limbaugh are both well known traitors to this country and they are both working towards the day when they can say; "I told you so". They both admit that they want Barack Obama to fail. While Limbaugh is all gas, Cheney may have more substance behind his hatred for Obama. How far will this ink blot on American history go to try and prove a point? Did he look the other way when faced with threats against this country prior to 911 in order to achieve a hidden agenda? Maybe!

Well, now I may be able to say; "I told you so". If there is another attack; Dick Cheney is behind it with a few of his rouge CIA friends. After all, what other justification could be behind Dick Cheney's game? Eric Holder; do your job and seek prosecution against this man that has betrayed his country through numerous illegal acts and continues to betray his country. If I were Dick Cheney, I would be praying that this country is never hit again; because if it ever is, there are going to be a lot of people pointing their finger at you!!



  1. Look at the bright side. If Bush and Cheney were not so bad, you may not have the first black president. Cheney's game is really hard to figure. He's in a bunker for 8 years and we never see him, and now we have to put up with him on a daily basis as he tries to undermine the new administration. Shameful at best!

  2. I think he is probably responsible for a lot more unnecessary deaths than the Nation endured during the 911 attacks. They even let bin Laden get away when they should have been focused on him instead of Iraq.

  3. I even respect Bush a bit more than Cheney--who does he think he is? Never in history has a VP or even President mouthed off what is tantamount to treason on almost a daily basis. Scary man. I think he is looking toward an attack as justification for his torture techniques, etc.

  4. I searched "Cheney responsible for next terrorist attack" and found this site. His motives have to extend beyond clearing himself for crimes of torture. Sad to think our former vice president might be behind the next attack simply for the neocons to regain control in 2012. Sad to think this even came to mind. He is dangerous and has the resources.

  5. Welcome: i hope you return to the site often. Check out the labels for Cheney and you can see what I've written to date. tomtoak

  6. I right there with you.