Friday, January 22, 2010

Political Disaster in Massachusetts

Yes; Massachusetts was a political disaster. The ground literally shook throughout the state as Ted Kennedy's seat fell to the Republicans. Was this a case of the Republicans being smart or was this a case of the Democrats being dumb. I think I chose the latter.

While the Republicans gloat and the Democrats point fingers, both parties are demonstrating how incredibly dumb they really are. First, the Democrats. I have never seen such arrogance and ignorance displayed in a campaign as was displayed in this case. Martha Coakley was not only a bad campaigner, but her lack of instinct has to be legendary. At least Sarah Palin has some political instinct. To arrogantly state that she should not have to stand out in the cold at Fenway Park, shake hands and ask folks for their votes cost her the election. That stupidity not only cost her hundreds of thousands of votes, it caused large groups of minorities to lose the will to vote. Coakley lost this election because she simply could not turn out her base. Frankly, I'm surprised that the election was as close is it was.

Now to the Republicans (Please note that this section has been changed from its original posting because of the correct comments from a frequent reader)! Republicans will have to work long and hard to start to chip away at minority voters. You can't begin to do that by defeating health care. Four years from now when there has been little or no change, Democrats will be able to lay blame on the opposing party. Western Massachusetts was totally blue in this election for Coakley. There have been many elections in the past when this rural territory looked red. Western Massachusetts supported William Weld and Paul Celluci but was not warm to Mitt Romney. Many communities in this part of the state voted over 70% for Coakley and gave little consideration to Brown.

This election told me that voters are mad and apathetic. The Democrats were largely apathetic while the Republicans are just plain mad. The anger is aimed at both parties and the election was not a positive step forward for anyone.

If Scott Brown wants to make a real impact in politics into the future, he should negotiate with Democrats and not join the party of "No". Scott Brown should start the party of "Know". People want significant change to health care in this country and if Brown provides the roadblock, he will pay for it.



  1. Tom. I thought the Berkshires were traditionally liberal - that's where the Bostonites have their country homes. It is the voice of the independents you are hearing. They did not appear to be apathetic. Regards, Rick

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  3. Western Massachusetts is not unlike other rural areas that lean Republican. While it is true that Democrats have done great in recent national elections throughout the state, governor races tell a different story. Massachusetts has forever had Republican governors and western Massachusetts has supported that. Don't forget that many Bostonites that own vacation properties in the Berkshires resemble "Charles Emerson Winchester lll". Bostonites, regardless of political leanings are smart enough to vote against a George W. Bush, Richard Nixon, or Sarah Palin. So yes, there are times when the vote looks quite libral, but in this case, I'm really surprised. Besides, the Bostonites all vote in Boston.

  4. OK Rick: I've done some further research and I guess I'm relying too heavily on a few governor races. You are correct that Western Massachusetts leans liberal frequently. Western Massachusetts supported William Weld and shockingly, Paul Cellucci in 1998.

  5. Rick: Thanks for making me do a little more research. I've changed my original post so that it is more factual. I don't want to sound like Fox Noise! Thanks for commenting.