Sunday, November 29, 2009

Radom Reasonings XVI

An occasional column of random thoughts and observations.

  • Wait until the age of 50 to have a mammogram? Any government money going to the researchers that came up with this trashy recommendation should lose their connection to Federal money immediately. Think about it; how many woman do you know that were diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 50?
  • Is there a health care conspiracy going on here? Remember the report from last year that recommended changes to the age guidelines for the PSA? I personally know a few people that had their prostate cancers found at a young age because of the PSA.
  • Alan Grayson is a great American who is telling it like it is. If you don't know who he is, shame on you - Google him.
  • In a recent poll, 38% of Americans indicated that Sarah Palin is qualified to be president. In a parellel poll, 38% of Americans have been determined to have the intelligence of a telephone pole.
  • Last week, when Palin was asked which blogs she reads, she responded by saying; "I read them all". I'm so happy that Sarah has paid a visit here. God! She does not even know what the f**k a blog is. Then again; 38% of Americans probably don't know what a blog is. The hardball questioner was the Katie Couric like, Sean Hannity. A fox in the hen house?
  • Sarah Palin last week; "the presidency is not on my radar screen". Was it later reported that 38% of Americans intend to buy Sarah Palin's book? There is stupid and then there is stupid!
  • Is Rhode Island's I-Way really the "bridge to bankruptcy"? Has anybody in this damn state figured out the future costs associated with caring for miles and miles of new bridge work? At least the old road went over the solid ground with a few over and under passes.
  • For those 38% of confused Americans, Obama has decided to try key terrorists in New York because they killed and targeted civilians. The terrorist being tried in military tribunals were classed as military combatants. There is a difference and it is so easy to see.
  • The State of Alaska should open up an immediate investigation to determine the fitness of Sarah Palin to keep her kids. I'm not kidding - what Palin is doing is a sin and is very harmful for her children. I fear for her children. If you did not know, she has the young kids traveling with her again for her book tour; this just after having them leave school to travel with her for a 5 month long campaign. She continues to use her youngest as a prop and expose this child to H1N1 all over this nation. Her kids belong in school!
  • Palin the quitter not only quits at her job as governor, she has quit parts of her book tour, she quit at a road race in Washington state yesterday and she has quit on her kids. I have a feeling she will find a way to quit on 38% of Americans.
  • I can't tell you how disappointed I am in the left wing of the Democratic Party. These Democrats need to lose the argument on abortion in the health care bill. As I've said before, abortion is but a single medical procedure performed in a limited number of health care situations. Let's get health care done and find a way to fund abortion for those in need later.
  • Chris Mathews was absolutely correct in his questioning of Rhode Island's Bishop, Thomas Tobin. Was Chris tough? Yes; he was very tough but sometimes you have to shake up an institution that is travelling far outside of the pulpit. Bishop Tobin; put it in the church where it belongs!
  • If you put 100 Americans in a room, how many of them would you have to use to screw in a light bulb? Come on now, this is not a hard question.
  • The answer is not 38. The answer is 39, as 38 would be too stupid to figure out the puzzle while the 39th would get the job done.
  • We all know that Governor Donald Carcieri is not the 39th American in the room.
  • The Secret Service agents at the gate for Obama's first State Dinner are also not the 39th Americans in the room.
  • Obama has to move forward in Afghanistan as he promised during the campaign. Osama bin Laden and his capture has to be a top priority - unlike the bumbling Bush administration priorities.
  • Rumsfeld, Bush and Cheney (aka: Rummy, Dummy and Scummy) could never have been the 39th American in the room.
  • OK; I'll make it easy for you, for more on Alan Grayson, click here.



  1. Sarah is really hard to love!

  2. When anyone discusses Sarah Palin - and there seems to be a compulsion on that point - I am reminded of the quip about it being a waste of effort to have a match of wits with an unarmed opponent.
    This is, of course, standard phrasing when putatively discussing policies if there was no such thing as nefarious activity pushed by graft and systemic corruption.
    Tammany Hall is not merely a historical concept : it is the American Way.
    That Palin is the darling redeemer of the Dominionist Cult in the same way that George Bush was associated with 'religious' support is perhaps the scariest thought : not that GOP politics are not more properly thought of as steal the election by any means possible.
    For that, I commend BradBlog to your attention.

    The 38% I would have thought of as the misnamed 'liberals' in the room : centrists having taken the place of the left because of the 'framing' of acceptable public debate so as to exclude power for people over power for companies. I much prefer the cartoon which places Anarchists and Progressives side by side : noting each wants 'freedom'...the difference being that individual freedom does not constitute an organized cabal.