Saturday, November 7, 2009

Radom Reasonings XV

An Occasional Column of random thoughts and observations.

  • Did you see where actor James Woods has sued Kent County Hospital involving an incident when his brother died of a Heart attack? That's funny; I thought Republicans believed in tort reform to reduce health care costs. I guess you believe it until it's you!
  • What do Rush Limbaugh, Imus and Bob Griese have in common? They have all made racists statements - Limbaugh just seems to always get away with it.
  • Is Bob Greise's comment, "he's probably out getting a taco" in the same league as Limbaugh's most famous top ten quotes? How about, "Obama is halfrican American" or how about, "Barack the magic negro" or how about, the time he told the African American women to "take the bone out of your nose" or how about the time he said the NAACP should have riot rehearsals. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies". Greise gets suspended and Rush goes his merry way without consequence. Any ditto head out there is a traitorous idiot.
  • As a Red Sox fan, I want to congratulate the New York Yankees. You guys had the best team.
  • Do you think Governor Don Carcieri can afford a $7.00 saltwater fishing license?
  • Have you seen where Jerome Corsi, made famous by swiftboating John Kerry now claims that the Fort Hood Shooter advised Barack Obama? Truth will usually win out but it may take a little time. Corsi's hateful claims should no longer be news - they should be totally ignored.
  • Rush Limbaugh should be ignored entirely by print and broadcast media, except for Fox Noise which is neither.
  • Did you see where Massachusetts is considering legislation to require sprinkler systems in all one and two family housing units. How stupid is that? I can see it now - every time I burn the toast I can take my shower at the same time.
  • Joe Lieberman is a loser.
  • To the folks in Maine, Fox Noise and the Gay community - Obama is not to blame for the defeat of the gay marriage bill in Maine. Obama never supported gay marriage although he has supported gay civil unions. There is a difference and the gay community should take note!
  • To Senator Sam Brownback and others that have wasted our time writing legislation to ban the creation of animals that are part human and part animal. Go back to school and instead of reading, writing and arithmetic, try taking a little science.
  • To those of you who feel that I think Obama can do no wrong - think again. When the hell is Obama going to propose significant legislation to reign in Wall Street to prevent further economic meltdowns?
  • Is the lack of H1N1 vaccine going to be Obama's Katrina?
  • Obama is right on when it comes to health care!
  • Dick Cheney needs to be carted away like Richard Hatch every time he gives an interview!
  • How's this for tort reform? Allow folks to sue insurance companies but limit the claims against the medical profession.
  • To the polling firm that called me the other day and asked; "Do you believe in the right to life?"; your game is painfully obvious. You must know that I totally messed with your poll and hopefully your ignorant head. The question should have been, "do you believe in a woman's right to have an abortion?"


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  1. 2 comments: Doesn't everyone sane believe in "The right to life."?

    Also--Colbert was right on--what an idiot and downright horrible excuse for a human being Carcieri is! Denying someone a chance to bury their loved one!!!