Sunday, October 23, 2011

Random Reasonings XVII

An occasional column of random thoughts and observations:

  • No COLA for 19 years is what Rhode Island's General Treasurer came up with? I was willing to give some back for the benefit of everyone but I am not going to get raped without fighting.
  • Regarding the RI rape of retirees; I wrote the governor, treasurer and every single legislator. You should all do the same. I wrote the Providence Journal today that reported the average retiree ($27,000 pension) will lose $9,286 over the first 10 years of the treasurer's plan. Fact checkers at the Providence Journal are too stupid to do the math as is the treasurer's office. The $9,286 is the loss of income in year 10 alone. What about year 1 through 9? The average state employee will lose $48,805 in the first 10 years and $165,142 in the 19 years of the treasurer's plan.
  • Barack Obama has been the greatest foreign policy president in my life time. I wonder if he was born in the United States?
  • Did you hear that Mitt Romney said Obama's job program would make everyone millionaires and then we would all have to pay higher taxes? Nice one Mitt: make me a millionaire, the 99% are all for it.
  • Did Dick Cheney's pace maker stop? I thought I heard a sucking sound!
  • That sucking sound was actually public employee retirees leaving Rhode Island and moving to New Hampshire or Florida to avoid paying state taxes on their pensions.
  • Only democrats can overthrow terrorist regimes without losing a single U.S. troop. Obama - great job in Libya and Clinton - great job in Bosnia.
  • Funny; the Iraq war is over but the Republicans are still fighting it. I guess they are still looking for the WMD.
  • Herman Cain - be serious - order pizza!
  • Rick Santorum - do you still practice rhythm - I hope so.
  • If the General Treasurer of Rhode Island is raping the retirees, can we all have access to abortion?
  • There is no truth to the rumor that Sarah Palin has a "thing" for Herman Cain. There may be truth to the rumor that Sarah had a "thing" for Barack Obama. He was a black basketball player and they both spent time in Hawaii. Was that before Hawaii was a state?
  • What Tea Party?
  • What will happen when 10% of Rhode Island's population moves out of state because of General Treasurer, Gina Raimondo? I would not even invest in a McDonald's in this state.
  • Obama has delivered on almost all of his campaign promises, the exception being the closing of Guantanamo Bay prison.
  • Raimondo and Chafee make Wall Street look like it has compassion on a par with Mother Teresa.


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  1. I am so disappointed also--especially in Gina Raimondo who is nor a Democrat as she purports to be, either in philosophy or actions!