Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thinking of Health Care

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about health care lately. As I approach 60 years of age, I suppose this is fairly common. My wife just had her second hip replaced at a fairly young age - I don't dare say it because she reads this column. In a few words; here is my take on my wife's experience:
Lousy forms - Great Doctor (surgeon) - Great nurses - Lousy forms - Great hospital - Lousy nurses - Adequate food (Hospital) - Lousy food (Rehab) - Disgusting food (Rehab) - Lousy forms - Too many computers - Lousy forms - Not enough nursing care - Lousy doctors - Lousy forms - Lousy ambulance drivers - Lousy roads - Lousy forms - Great physical therapists - Lousy forms - Good home care services - Lousy forms - Pain - Black and blue - Good insurance - Great husband!

OK; the great husband part might be a little much. We are both so lucky in the final analysis because we have health insurance. I can attest that my wife lived in considerable pain for a long time before the eventual diagnosis came our way. Even when we were informed that surgery would be required, the only question left was; when?

I can only imagine the pain that people will endure for years of their lives because they have no health insurance. Everyone in this country should have adequate health care. How can we improve health care and provide for keeping people well? Keep the good doctors - Keep the good nurses - Get some additional good nurses - Teach somebody how to cook - Teach ambulance drivers how to drive - Fix the damn roads - Fill out one form once (there was more time spent filling out forms than performing a complicated surgery) - Insist on good insurance for everyone - Keep the great husband.

My wife is so lucky because she has good health insurance and a good husband!! Let's see if she comments. She can't get to the computer yet!


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